These are the questions that we receive most frequently however if your query is not answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we are happy to help.

1. How can I make money through cash tree?
It is very simple. There are companies who want to expand their wings; so if you help them by spreading their name by your posts, then you can be assured you will get paid back by cash as a reward through Cashtree. You just need to post the related images, videos etc… in your wall which is assigned by Cashtree.

2. How much does it cost for registration?
No costs. Sign up and tasks are entirely free of cost.

3. Is there any limit in assigning to tasks?
No, there is no limit. Once you have completed the surveys you will be able to claim your rewards! Remember to keep checking back in for more tasks.

4. How long should I keep the post in my wall?
You must keep the post for at least 24 hours. Our assessing team checks your post and the very next time, your reward points will be awarded.

5. In what means can I withdraw my reward points?
You can withdraw your points in means of money only. You can withdraw it through by Bank or Paypal.

6. What is the minimum amount of points which I need in order to earn money?
You must keep a minimum of 5 dollars as reward points to get the payment.

7. Can I get the cash in hand?

8. When do I get money?
Members who meet our minimum balance points (5 dollar) can withdraw their reward points.

9. How much do we get from each post?
It is completely dependent on the company. (Usually you will get 0.005 dollars to 3 dollars per work).

10. Are there any requirements to be a member of cash tree?
Yes. You should be 18 years to get a membership on Cashtree.

11. Wow!!! How can I start?
Registration is entirely free… you just need to sign up to cash tree.

12. Do I need to give the right information while registration?
Yes. You must redeem cash only through bank and PayPal. If you are giving the wrong information, then we can’t transfer the money in your account.

13. Can I stop working whenever I feel like it?
Yes you can, withdrawal is possible only if you keep the minimum balance i.e, 5 dollars

14. How much can we earn per month?
It depends… If you are ready to work with us, you can earn up to 100 dollars per month. There are people who earn 1000 dollars per month.